Why is Daytona Beach Shores Police Bleeding BLUE? Massive Resignations!

Mass Exodus from Daytona Beach Shores PD

The Daytona Beach Shores Department of Public Safety, led by Michael Fowler, a resident of New Smyrna Beach. Under his watch and command, you would imagine a small, highly tax funded of mostly condominiums and beach town lifestyle would be the best place to work for. However, anonymous tips came in relating to work environment and crimes taking place within the department.

While many probably believed it was an ideal place to work, especially for officers looking to retire, recent events indicate a different story. Anonymous tips revealed that several officers faced punishment and probation, despite some of them with service of over 5 years.

Internal affairs investigations also exposed instances of retaliation against officers who filed complaints against Lieutenant Michael Shoenbroad, who faced allegations of committing a felony based on sustained internal affairs findings. This situation has taken a toll on the officers, and the department appears to be facing challenges, with a significant number of resignations and retirements.

A request for records from the department revealed 17 resignations, coupled with retirements of those who chose not to participate in the "drop" program offered by the state. As a result, the agency is grappling with a manpower shortage and increased overtime demands.

The question arises: Is Michael Fowler the root cause of these issues? Information from a source suggests that Fowler may indeed be a factor, as the resignations are indicative of how the department is managed. Many officers are opting to work in neighboring areas such as Edgewater, New Smyrna, or the County, while some are leaving the field of police work altogether. Here is a list of the resignations, highlighting the department's challenges and the impact on its personnel. Below is a list of resignations from late 2022 and 2023.

Shores Resignations

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