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BTC Wallet for donations - 37x4YGHUA7K7DeFZ3Dhk35NFjTpnx5em4U

Doge Wallet For Donations - DHj68WQ2rcCCkR36BHFwkAiXugdn61HjBv

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We all hear about e-begging and those who constantly ask. I realize now the cost of auditing, the investment and the betterment when you can do with more.  I utilize Amazon associates to minimize the need. Anything you order from amazon by using my link Many say this is something you should do for free because it's activism. Well I could only do it so long. I learned quickly even though I have an electric car the tires are gone after 1 year, hotels exceeded $1700.00. If you like what you see consider helping or even clicking the amazon link to help us earn a few dollars here and there. If you want to help more, use the one time paypal. Want to go a little more monthly? Use patreon. 

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