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Homestead Lawsuit

McDonough V Fernandez Rundell may be a familiar name, well he has another lawsuit and oral arguments were just made at the USCA for the Eleventh Circuit. McDonough is at it again Hear the Arguments and see the videos to why he is suing. 

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Illustration depicting a sign with a public records concept.

Public Record Request 

Navigating the waters of public records request can be difficult. 

I've put together a list of tips and tricks to show you how to maximize your efficency and responses when doing public record requests. 

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Sergeant Jeremy bird

Sergeant Jeremy Bird of The Port Orange Police department. Mid 2005, Bird graduated from the Daytona Beach Community College Basic Law Enforcement Academy. He then began his career at the Port Orange Police Department.

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James Madison Audits - Philadelphia Riots
1a  Auditing

First Amendment Audits are an essential part of the democracy we hold. No Politics, no sides just a fundamental understanding that with each day that passes more restrictions, laws and otherwise taking away of freedoms and liberties happen. First Amendment Auditing will help keep an exercising of a right at the attention of the government.

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Always Record the Police
Open Letter to Law Enforcement
An Open Letter to LEO

There's been many times that I find myself in situations where I didn't realize that I was going to be placed in a position that would lead me to an arrest, detainment or belittlement for filming with a camera. Here's what I have to say to you. Remember, the defendants actions caused his own injuries. 

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Where you can find my Videos

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It takes a lot to get from place to place. Rogue nation and I have been teaming up and traveling to destination locations in order to help those having trouble with government. Putting them in the spotlight seems to help. Want us to come to your town? Send a request. I can evaluate logistics and see if it is possible. 

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Based in Florida easy accessible states for first amendment auditing include Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, East Alabama. 
Extended Driving areas will be the following North Carolina, Virgina, Southern West Virginia Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Western Alabama.
The extended driving areas may also require flight depending on the logistics, we can make it happen!