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Equipment needed for First Amendment Audits

with first amendment auditing, It doesn't take much to get started documenting any type of event. There are a few things you want to make sure that you provide to your audience. Video Audio and Editing!

I use phones and equipment made for phones. It's the easiest to carry and keep with me while traveling. I don't recommend large SLR cameras but they can be useful at times. The compact camcorders are your next bet!

No lie, with most of all of my first amendment audits I use a basic audio cable provided by the manufacture. In this case its just the earbuds and I cut them off and use the mic only with a muff that protects the whooshing noise of the air if it is windy. They're like $10.

Editing is crucial in telling a story, too much editing in a first amendment audit will get your viewers confused. Tell a story clean and with leaving your content in tact. Some viewers will accuse you of editing out the truth if you clean up too much. Most of my edits are dead time or useless chatter that doesn't talk about what is going on or happening

Clean video

Stabilized or handheld video is ok, just make it smooth. Most phones stabilize the image. 


You really don't need high quality audio equipment. I use an apple earbud microphone. YES! REALLY! I put a wind muff on it to keep the wind noise down


Minimal editing will help convey your story. I use iMovie a lot while on the road to splice together some video.