Saul V State – Fleeing and Eluding

Saul VS. State of Michigan

Chris Saul

Was Chris Fleeing / eluding
On March 10, 2016, Taylor Police Officer Brian Wojtowicz, who was patrolling in a fully marked police vehicle, pulled over 19-year-old Saul for driving 45 miles an hour in a 35 zone. Saul pulled over, but the street was busy with traffic and did not have shoulders. Wojtowicz honked his horn several times in an attempt to communicate that he wanted Saul to pull his vehicle out of the road and into a nearby driveway. After approximately five seconds, Saul slowly moved his vehicle forward. He drove for two miles as Officer Wojtowicz followed directly behind him, with emergency lights and siren still activated. At that point, backup arrived and surrounded Saul’s vehicle. Saul was then taken into custody. At trial, Saul testified that he understood that when a driver hears an emergency vehicle siren, he is “supposed to stop for the police,” pull over to the side of the road, and remain stationary until the emergency vehicle passes. Saul explained that he did not comply because he was confused when the officer honked his horn. Saul interpreted the honking to mean that he should not have stopped his car at all, and that the officer wanted him to move “out of his way and keep going.” When the officer honked his horn again after Saul moved forward, Saul thought that “maybe he wanted me to move maybe he wanted me to pull into that driveway there. I wasn’t sure.” Saul was also confused by a siren sound that he had never heard before. 

Case Files

Appeal Findings
After reviwing the case and court papers, the elements of fleeing and eluding were muddied with confusing orders. It's no different than having two cops yelling hands up, hands down. The appeals court found that the lower court's  decision was valid and affirmed the finding of guilty for fleeing and eluding. I had never honked my horn on traffic stops. As a Police Officer you shall maintain control of the scene you are investigating. Chris from the very first moment through court indicated that he thought the officer wanted him to go and that he was in his way. You can also see SEVERAL cars on the road way failing to stop, and failing to yield to the lights and siren. Chris was ultimately found guilty and I find it sad that the officer didn't use his discretion. Taylor police department has a lot of videos where they use aggressive force on traffic stops you can see those on my channel. I do not know that I would have handled this situation differently except using the pa during and after the stop to order the defendant out. Here's my take aways on what went wrong. The video is narrated over also 
  • Officer Failed to call in this traffic stop upon initiating it
  • Confusing honking instead of utilizing the PA as policy indicates
  • At the time of the traffic stop when Chris stopped in the roadway, the traffic stop should have been handled
  • Was there excessive force when removing Chris from the car
  • When the vehicle "fled and eluded" Why was there not any radio call out until several minutes after the stop
  • The arresting officer excluded that he sent confusing honks to Chris when he came to a complete stop
  • Once arrested and in handcuffs, the cops asked about drugs and needles, they are not trained with mental conditions at all
  • While in handcuffs, several questions pre-miranda were asked. those should have been thrown out. It shows that officers can't do their job properly.

6 thoughts on “Saul V State – Fleeing and Eluding

  1. I grew up in Detroit and lived in Taylor for a while in the late 70s early 80s. I went to the Taylor Police dept. to make a complaint about an Officer aggressively flirting with my 17 year old girlfriend and threatened/harassed me. The cops and Sargent on duty were demeaning, disrespectful and belittled me. One Cop said I oughta take it out on his hide, as if a skinny 18 year old is going to beat up an Officer. They successfully shooed me off with intimidation and bully tactics. I learned a lesson about cops and that’s why I like and enjoy accountability videos. They must have talked with the flirting cop because he backed off.
    BTW I commented about on your other Taylor vid about a young black man getting beat by the Taylor cops, I think it may have been a News report about a lawsuit. You may use this story or any of it’s content any way you like. R Lee Brock

  2. It seemed to me that the cop was rather excited at the idea that he was getting to ruin this kids life. He kept saying, in a rather victorious tone that this kid is going to jail.

  3. The defendant Saul should sue his legal council for malpractice. I possibly could have got his case dismissed and I am not a lawyer. What a shame. And the crooked cops showing their glee in wrecking a poor, confused kids life. What a waste of money on them.

  4. People if you ( Believe any cops ) then you have brain damage!!! >>>>Blue isis, …..ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!!( They are not your friend!! ….all cops are sworn to rob you of your money! lie about everything they do and screw you like a dog! President Trump talks about gangs, and cops are gangs and there as dangerous as ms13!! and isis>>>> DO NOT EVER TRUST a cop and ALWAYS video them! to protect yourself! always remember cops are pirates and tyrants and Liars! DO NOT, carry on a conversation! that is what they call fishing! they will wrap you up and makeup charges on you!!

  5. PEOPLE, Its all about the money! What the city’s do not want you to know!!! >>>> PEOPLE, Let me tell you the REAL reason why cop arrest so many people! For every person that a city put in jail the state gives them money for them! How does the state get the money? from YOUR tax’s. they in turn will sent the numbers of people locked up in jail and prison each year to the government And that is how the city’s makes more money!! The next time around September and October You will hear of lots and lots of people being arrested for all kinds of thing! homeless people anyone they can find to arrest. Because the end of the year budget is in November! The year for city and gov runs from November to November…

  6. The people of the United States, Are so fed up with cops action toward people ( NOW days ) When the war start between the people and the cops i guarantee you the cops are going to lose!! And what does the chief of police and the Mayors always say? >>>> can’t we all work together. well that isn’t the way it is the cops and the city wants to generator as much review from you as they can! f**k you, your family out of what ever they can!! ….All the riots isn’t going on ALL across the United States because the people are stupid! its because of how the cops miss treat and fuck with people!!! And believe me it is going to stop soon!!!

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