**update** 1/12/2021 Soloyaker released after 1:30am. Bal Harbor kept his property he's bonded out. I transferred the monies over to his wife. Soloyaker attorney is aware.

Soloyaker was arrested today for fishing while open carrying in Bal Harbor, Florida A small town north of miamia. Soloyaker ventures out without trouble usually except for uneducated police departments 

Officer Kuncas is the arresting officer and he was with the Miami Dade Police Department, now an officer with Bal Harbor from what I am learning. 

Under Florida Law, A person can open carry and fish. Soloyaker does this religiously whether posting a video of an interaction or with no cameras at all. 

If you'd like to help select one of the paypal links. I have sent him $250 for a $1500 bond. His wife has the money and I want to thank those who sent in donations this morning. I will reach out via email to thank you. 

For More information check out FSS:

4 thoughts on “SoloYaker ARRESTED!

  1. “Now” or “not” from Bal Harbor?

    And well I’m at it, what was the case law for the first Supreme Court case on guns?

    I think it’s out of Nevada or Utah, but I’m not sure.

    The case allowed a city to take your gun and hold it until you leave the city.

    I’m thinking the town was in a territory and not a state but I’m not sure.

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