Daytona Beach Shores Cops Put 3 Year Old in Jail Cell – Twice; Once Handcuffed

Daytona Beach Shores Cops Put 3 Year old in Jail Cell – Twice; Once Handcuffed


Daytona Beach Shores Public Safety -  "Life is better here"

Two Daytona Beach Shores Public Safety Officers are accused of placing their 3 year old child into the departments jail cell on two occasions. Sergeant Jessica Long and Lieutenant Michael Shoenbrod, who have been with the department for over 10 years, were subject to an internal affairs investigation back in October 2022 for this incident.


An anonymous tip came in to JMA Media that two officers had done the unimaginable; utilized law enforcement as a way to punish or educate a child for potty training issues. Further details about the incident were provided that the child was handcuffed and placed into the cell to potentially scare or discipline the child.

Childrens' brains are still developing at the age of three through teen years. Boys take longer than girls and most kids learn to potty train between 3-4 years old.

Doctors recommend that if a child is not potty trained by 5 years old that they seek the advice of a medical doctor. Nowhere does it mention using psychological warfare of using police and their uses of force, handcuffing or jailing a child. In fact it mentions in most policy that children under a certain age shall never be arrested or falsely imprisoned if they committed no crime or even if they do commit a crime an arrest is not appropriate. 

Attempts to gain access to inspect or review the documents of the IA led to a bill that exceeded $3,100.00. This was the first time in history of obtaining IA records that exceeded $150-200. The department hid in secrecy on this incident along with Director Michael Fowler refusing provide a statement related to the incident that was not yet an IA. A records clerk directed me to the PIO but subsequently made phone lines light up all over the department as soon as I headed to the PIO office.

Arriving at the PIO Office, Nancy Maddox (The PIO), was mysteriously not available and at a meeting from 10am to 2pm according to a secretary. After entering the elevator to go up towards the offices, Maddox was exiting the kitchen and was asked about the incident. She provided little information (see this video).

Maddox was asked about the meetings, she stated it was on the phone, yet phone records only show the incoming and outgoing calls to the police department and to the city manager. No record of any meeting was provided from the city. 

A records custodian probably not authorized to speak on behalf of the department indicated that this was a big deal when asking for records. 

Nancy Maddox and Jessica Long were seen at a restaurant outside of the city during work hours eating lunch. Long was asked about the incident and was requested to comment on the incident. She declined after a rant of typical police behavior asking if I need help, or medical assistance. 


Upon asking for the investigation summary or findings I was met with a delay for the records and then that following week Long and Shoenbrod retained or were provided with an attorney to attempt to stop public records. This began around March 24th, 2023. A petition for a temporary injunction was granted by the courts and the records became temporarily sealed.

Unbeknownst to the cops, the video of the incident was already requested and released by the Volusia Sheriff’s Office. They were on scene in no law enforcement capacity except for standing by to maintain the peace. (see video) Shoenbrod was seen shaking hands with people on scene while he was in his police uniform.

During the interview he admitted to the allegations of placing the child in the jail cell and handcuffing him. Department of Children and Families (DCF) conducted a risk score after this incident and indicated it was a low risk assessment. 

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) conducted an investigation and found probable cause to charge the two with aggravated child abuse, a first degree felony. It appears that they were never placed on any type of leave and continued working despite the FDLE investigation.

Warrants were obtained and text messages and photographs were recovered that were shared between the two and on department cell phones.

The photographs were not provided as a public records request but the remaining documents can be found here for viewing that the state attorneys office provided.

We are awaiting the FDLE forms and investigation made by the department.

According to the court documents regarding the IA the order indcated the following:

"On March 25, 2023, the IA was concluded on each. The outcome was

identical for each, i.e., the allegation of committing a felony offense whether or not

it was prosecuted was unfounded; whereas, an employee shall not a conduct 

oneself on or off duty in any manner that could engender a lack of respect for the

employee, the City or the Department was sustained."

We will continue to follow up on this incident.