Sexual Assault with a Minor Report Filed Against Former Volusia Sheriffs Captain.

Port Orange Police Officer Accused

A woman filed a report with the Port Orange Police Department that alleged sexual battery and other misconduct toward her from the ages of 12-17 years of age.

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Woman pinning Charles Brown after promotion to captain


The report is read as follows;

"On 12/08/2021 at 1257 hours, REDACTED arrived to report that she has been sexually abused over sever years between the ages of 12 and 17 of a known family friend.

I spoke with REDACTED who advised the following statement (summary).

REDACTED arrived with a state victim advocate and her attorney to accompany her for moral support in firing her report. REDACTED advised between the years of 1996 and 1998, she was sexually molested by a known family friend she Identified as Charles "Chuck" H. Brown. REDACTED claimed Chuck is a former Volusia County Deputy Sheriff. During these years Church with engagement in the act of sexual intercourse with REDACTED. REDACTED stated this was ongoing and occurred while visiting Chuck at his residence. REDACTED stated the abuse occurred at Chucks's Port Orange Address listed as (REDACTED BECAUSE HE IS LEO) According to REDACTED Chuck had been "Grooming her" since she was 12 years old. It was during that time that he would do things to get her ready for when they would eventually copulate (have sexual intercourse). REDACTED did not go into further detail at this time preferring to speak with a detective in private claiming she had a myriad of information to provide, including the possibility of 2 additional victims.

I notified Sergeant J. Wenzel of the incident being reported. Sgt. Wenzel stated he informed Detective Sergeant S. Nagy of the situation and that Detective J. Kenny would be responding to the lobby to take over this case. Det. Kenny advised the following. REDACTED will take her POPD issued statement from home and type it up, as there is a lot of information she is providing. REDACTED was instructed to compete her statement and return it to the police department no later than 12/09/2021 before 1600 hours.

REDACTED was issued a voluntary witness statement to complete at home as directed. Additionally REDACTED signed an affidavit of prosecution and Marsy's Law form requesting her personal information remain private.

There is no other information to provide Report complete.


After reading REDACTED statement, I researched the statute of limitations for lewd and Lascivious battery. I conferred with States Attorney Office and was advised that you would need to go back to the year of when the crime took place. Looking at the 1997 time limitations, in regards to a sexual battery, the crime would have had to been reported within 3 days of the occurrence. In regards to the lewd and lascivious battery it would have had to had been reported within 4 years. Due to REDACTED being 15 years of age when the sexual activity started and the case not being a capital felony REDACTED would have had to report this incident by 2001.

On December 20, 2021, I contacted REDACTED via telephone to advise her of the findings and she did not wish to speak to me about her case. REDACTED advised me to speak to her attorney.

I then contacted REDACTED attorney, Kevin Vagovic, via telephone. I attempted to inform him of our findings but he was busy and could not take my call. Kevin asked for the information to be relayed to his secretary. I provided the information to his secretary in regards to the time limitations expiring.

This case will be close dwith documentation as as the time limitations have expired.

Case Closed. "

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