Rogue nation – Arrest update

Rogue is out - I’m headed home with him he’s in good spirits - ready to get back out!

What we know -

September 30 update

Rogue is still being held without bond by means of defuniak springs police department. A charge like this should have a 250 bond or simply promise to appear.

An arrest warrant, affidavit poorly written said that he put a sticker on a crosswalk sign. Citing it was for his political motivation.

September 23 12:38 update. He’s being held with no bond.

Rogue and I were out documenting and recording for a story in Orlando area. We went to longwood police to do some documenting and check over a few things.

It was around 10:30pm and the police department was advised we would be there. This is done sometimes when we don’t want police to bug us. After all they do say to just let us know. So they were told.

Police circled the area ran the tags of the vehicles and then discovered he had a warrant out of Walton county from the defuniak springs.

The warrant was for criminal mischief.

Defuniak police department on my first visit we’re nice and friendly on the second.

You can see how they ultimately act in defuniak springs.

Rogue was handcuffed by a corporal who said he has a warrant moved me back from the detention spot.

The warrant was confirmed (they want him) and he was arrested. The police didn’t tow his vehicle and we got it back to him. Rogue has no bond currently and court at 2pm via a zoom call. The worst case scenario is that they will drive to pick rogue up and drive him to defuniak springs

Everyone was on board last night. Winston smith helped get rogues car back to his home. We’re waiting updates.

One thought on “Rogue nation – Arrest update

  1. Unbelievable incompetent cops – how can this be an arrestable offence the stupidity of it all – As long as he is ok unhurt that is the main thing

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