Memorandum Against Officer

Old Police Memo

Here's a look behind the scenes at what it looks like writing a memorandum for an Internal Affairs Investigation. If you read the memo it is quite comical. The statement I was ordered to provide is shorter than the Garrity Rights. Garrity Rights is very similar to Miranda in a way but allows officers to change their story as time goes on or new information is developed. You can see even in 2002 I was citing case law 🙂 

I did get questioned about my memorandum format from the captain who ordered me to write this. I included this in EVERY single memo. It was a silly thing to do, but it put the captain in a position of understanding that his order is not law. I believe the officer got a warning for firing off his taser accidentally. The tasers were very new to the department. I elected not to carry one. I talked a lot of people down without using force. Figured you might like it!:) Wanna know why I quit and audit? CLICK HERE

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