How To Make Cops COMPLY

How I made cops COMPLY

Many times, we face challenges in getting police to comply with regulations. However, a key avenue to achieving this compliance lies through their insurance policies. This is where significant financial repercussions can occur when things go wrong.

The party holding the most financial clout, typically the insurance company, often has a substantial influence. I will guide you through the process of leveraging insurance carriers to enforce compliance with legal standards.

Recently, the City of Orange City received patrol vehicles equipped with sun-screening tint material. The city approved this installation, allowing officers to operate the vehicles, in violation of the law.

In a recent incident in the city, a woman was tragically killed at night by a police officer driving a city-patrol vehicle. It remains unclear if this vehicle had the dark tint in question. Ironically, while police issue tickets for such violations, they often exempt themselves, unlawfully.

Similarly, the City of Florida removed the tint from their vehicles after realizing their own non-compliance. I use the LASER LABS TINT METER for my assessments, which is the same device used by Florida police for their evaluations.

My Letter to the Insurance Company

725 Dunlawton Ave. #291290
Port Orange, FL 32129


City of Orange City Police Department
207 N Holly Ave Orange City, FL 32763

Public Risk Management of Florida
20 North Orange Ave
Suite 500 Orlando FL 32801
(407) 445-2414

RE: Notice of state law violations and insurance liability risks for vehicles in violation of                  sun screening material operating at night and in adverse weather conditions that affect the visibility for the driver without medical waivers or exemptions allowed by law.

Attention Chief Wayne Miller,

I am writing to bring to your attention a concerning matter related to the window sun screening material on vehicles belonging to City and the City of Orange City Police Department which is in violation of state statutes. This violation not only affects compliance with the law but also raises concerns regarding the safety of the general public and the liability the city and your insurance company accepts by allowing this to continue.

Florida Statutes prohibit sun screening material under ยง 316.2952, 316.2953, 316.2954, 316.29545 316.2955 and 316.2956. Exemptions allow for ONLY undercover or canine.

Orange City Police Officers have allowed me to place a calibrated tint meter on patrol vehicles verifying this information.  It was Discovered that several vehicles owned by the City of Orange City Police Department have window sun screening material that appear to be darker than the limit allowed by state law. Some vehicles have the front windscreen tinted. This violation poses a hazard, especially during emergency responses at high rates of speed, as it significantly reduces visibility.

The results yielded were well below the legal limit of 28 percent for window tint darkness, indicating a clear violation of state statutes. This violation not only compromises safety but also sets a concerning example for the community.

It is crucial that we prioritize the safety of our officers and the public they serve. I kindly request that the City of Orange City Police Department take immediate action to rectify these state law violations and mitigate liability so that all vehicles in your fleet comply with state regulations regarding window sun screening material darkness.

Addressing this matter promptly will not only bring the department into compliance with the law but also enhance safety for the community they serve. I appreciate your attention to this important issue and look forward to a swift resolution.

If you require any further information or assistance in rectifying this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me at

This certified letter will be posted on our website, and we will frequently request city involved vehicle crash data and alert the drivers of those vehicles involved so they are aware of the reduced visibility on city owned vehicles.



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