Jeremy Bird

Sergeant Doesn't Know His Limits

Sergeant Jeremy Bird has been with the Port Orange Police Department since approximately 2005. He rose through the ranks to acheive the sergeants position.

My experience with him used to be cordial, easy going and that of a decent person. Sergeant Bird and the administration circa 2013-2014 have really changed my views on law enforcement. We all know about the Officer James Fischetti threat of arrest for recording but what you don't know is Sergeant Bird's story.

When I had a neigbor dispute during a remodel at our house, it rose to the levels of stalking. We ultimately signed charges, but that was not before the Port Orange Police refused to do anything about it. When I started watching cops profiling at the city limits using spot lights to see drivers go by, Sergeant Bird was one of those at the turn around. When I was watching them one night doing what they did with their spot lights, he called a neigboring police department on their supervisor phone and reported a false report from what was relayed to me. I was provided that Bird said I was in the park after hours. However I was at the entrance, on DOT property watching them profile cars. 

Sergeant Bird and Officer Preston investigated an incident where false charges were reported and placed disorderly conduct charges on me. The charges were dismissed. Even though I called several times, dctly to sergeant bird.