FIrst Amendment Auditing

Deputy Chief Yelling for filming


 to Law Enforcement

First amendment auditing and civil rights investigations consists of exercising a right. There are 27 of them in the bill of rights, but about 4 can be actively exercised. Filming, Right to bear Arms, Unlawful Search and Self incrimination. Those are important to the citizens.

The industry in the USA seems to be Government, Medical and Insurance in that particular order. We're forced to have you as a necessary "service" So don't be afraid when the people who employ you watch you. You are watching us is SO many different ways. Filming and observing police interactions is legal, lawful, protected and in most cases never an obstruction, EVEN when there is sensitive information like juveniles, domestic victims etc. Its up to the holder of the content to have restraint, then if laws are violated upon publishing, take action.

When you're getting ready for your shift, your probably not thinking about who's rights you may or may not violate, those you might save, or even encountering someone with a camera,  an opponent of law enforcement even a supporter.  First Amendment auditors in general have a vested interest in watching law enforcement. My reasons can be found here. I was too a law enforcement, then I got burned several times, not by my agency but by you. You the proverbial you, the police. I tried not to prejudge but the job security of conducting civil rights investigations keeps on giving. So you, our "employer" can learn from others mistakes. Don't be a fool like them.  

When you approach the camera and begin ordering what you think are lawful orders, they may not be. Conduct your business and if a first amendment auditor or civil rights investigator violates a law then arrest accordingly, but don't bark orders. If a law is broken, arrest. NO other law lets you warn us so many times. It's just your feelings getting hurt, you can control those feelings. be better.